Back To the Basics: The Kingdom of God is Here

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PG Patriot Gallery 💥🤯💣💥🧨🤯Grand Slam this week! @LynetteZang ITM Trading teaches Complete self-sufficiency even money, gold, and silver. You shall lend to many borrow from none. Tuesday
@FlyoverConservatives Wednesday The Kingdom of God is Here!

Behind the scenes in the quiet of the night PG has put up 3 videos Based on the Basics of civil Liberties and discourse.
Leah and Michelle expose Americans uplifting a very evil Pimp child sex trafficker, in America praised by Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson as a good man. Now that is wickedness in high places!
First Amendment: the first right is religion.
In the last 120 years “press and speech 2nd and 3rd, right,”) who get their importance from the 1st right religion, or Jesus Christ.) destroyed the “1st right,” freedom of religion, and became a snake eating itself its own tail.
Alister Crowley’s Satanic Bible. Remaining sons of the Devil, Satin never coming to the knowledge of the truth remain slaves to ignorance and sin. Alister Crowley that gross ugly insane brute beast, savage full of demons.
And today Men following this father uphold Andrew Tate a confessed wealthy person from being a child sex trafficker as a great influencer of men addicted to porn and child porn. See Tucker Carlson’s lastest video. #9. America you need to get back to the basics. If you think a Muslimist child sex trafficker is a great leader of men, Mohmaddad is a pedophile.
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