Pronoun Confusion Is Not New, 1 Person Can Change The World

Try Praying the Our Father…  “Our” Father, Give “Us”?
Who is “Our” and Who is “Us”?  

Resistance Chicks Live Monday Night 11-4-19 Studying this article. Excerpts written here Full article click here. Video will be up 11-5-19

If Anyone who gives  you any grief about  pronouns tell them to get in line! Saints believe we are all apart of the Family of God. My religion. The extreme Far Left terrorist believe in a different religion when it comes to pronouns. That belief is their religion and they can not force their religion on everyone else. 
We  have the right to the freedom of our own religion. 
Families are an Example of God. “1″ yet “3”.     With the indwelling of the Holy Spirit you are “1″ with God. Reconciled unto God.

Evil people, even your parents without the anointing, the Holy Spirit of God, without the power of God = #TheGospelofJesusChrist lie to their children and lead them astray. You forget the knowledge of fairness, right and wrong you were born with. 
Generation after generation things get worse and worse.  Until mankind reaches a dead end. Men now  have to call on God to save us.  Every Nation is there right now.

Men are calling on the name of God to save them.  God is there. “Kanye West”.  God hears their prayers and they are coming back to the knowledge of God they were born with.
     God gives them his Holy Spirit and after a little practice, a little exercising  faith, they can distinguish between the voices in their  head.
Words from the Lord today. 
(Side note) Constantine was a Caesar did horrible evils, raped pillaged, secured many people into slavery, falsely imprison men etc.
Rise of great leaders world Wide.

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