3 Part Series Keys of God’s Kingdom Within Men To Surpass Tyranny So Things Go Well With You Destroying the Foundation of Satan’s Kingdom with Patriot Gallery

Speak Life: Speak about Jesus Christ, God, The Holy Spirit. Life and death are in the power of the tongue.

Christians are passing death words back and forth. Evil with evil. One will die. It is like baseball practice. You just toss the evil words of the death cult, (what they are doing, how they feel, what their plans are), back and forth like base ball practice. Back and forth while evil and immorality advances. In this series we give a little attention to the Evil narrative and plans that “base ball”.

Time to grow up. It isn’t a game. This series gives attention to God and studying the Word of God. Getting deep within the soul and Cleansing it of fear, torture, and torment.

We are in the midst of Psychological Warfare that Alex Jones calls Info Wars. This psychological war is for the Souls of men. Give attention to God, Bible Study, and getting deep within your soul and Cleanse it.

Commentary on Amanda Grace, Timothy Dixon, Robin Bullock, Bo Polny, prophecies.

The Wicked steal everything using the FED, Federal Reserve Bank and it’s “Made up” with phony laws on currency. The people organizing this and using it, do not own one thing. They did not earn nor pay for any leadership; position, power, or people they have. Fiat is another name for counterfeit Money. Even Fiat “Backed by Gold” and silver is Counterfeit Money according to God Almighty! God calls it “unjust weights and balances.” We The Church are to bring Revelation 6 to fix this corrosive cancerous problem. The third seal of a man riding on a Black Horse of Judgement carrying the scales of Justice ( God gave me a vision of Silver Dimes and Flour Sacks for Baking Bread equating basic necessities of life can be bought and sold with silver) Using the Kingdom of God within God’s Saints. Immanuel: God with us. Just weights and balances is God’s Kingdom Power and Authority in everyday life. It is our covenant with God. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

Patriots, we can use The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution to “Stop” men from being thieves, and stealing. All true patriots have a gift and a calling and are anointed the Holy Spirit, God himself with us. Patriots can and will stop this crime. As Patriots we need to ***Return to our first love.*** When it comes to this subject. Patriots pull the rug right out from under these wizards, and witches and stop their witchcraft and spells. All the things evil wicked men call their “Craft of chemistry” and tell us to ” follow their science:” ***science***. Their science is pharmakia- God calls it witchcraft, spells, potions.

We, the body of Christ will stop evil easily as patriots give God our 100% undivided attention. When people come to Patriots they come to hear, to listen to Patriot’s words because they remind them of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. So men put their faith in “God in them” and with them. We The People will easily take these guys/gals out with our Faith in God. The “alpha”, “Delta,” “19” etc. are concoctions, potions of wizards, witches.” Their power is real and we use God’s kingdom within us, his anointing, wisdom, love and God’s power to convict men of these sins. CRIMES.

“Confess God” The power of God is Preaching the Gospel, “Good News”. God has set us free from Satan’s power: potions, spells, concoctions of poison. Patriots Bring the LIFE, Hope, Faith of Jesus Christ using the power of our tongue! Coupled with the Holy Spirit’s love, authority, and power of God’s kingdom within us. God Receives all the Glory. To the Glory of God. Men need to be saved by God, Turn to God and be receive the Baptism of Water, Fire and The Holy Spirit. And be healed.

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