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Jim Dunn
Jim Dunn
6 months ago

Thanks for covering this ugly situation in Maine. You are right about this shooting reeking of spiritual influences. But greater is he that is in us, than he that is in the world. This shooting has been spoken into being but was as a warning. Now no one can doubt what the Devil wants to do, so we must stop him with as you say, with repentance and prayer.
You know, I have felt a spirit of oppression in the last couple of days/weeks. Especially since I injured my neck a couple of weeks ago and it is still in the healing process. But it is not a fear, it is a sense that I need to be “situationally aware.” For instance, I was in a parking lot sitting in my car, the driver’s seat, with one leg out of the door while I was searching for your show on the Maine shooting. I just realized how vulnerable I was like that. Crime isn’t too bad around where I live, but I was in a position where I could be attacked easily. So, I sat upright in the car, closed the door and now I am safe. I’ve got three mirrors to see behind me, the car is a 2,000-pound weapon, so I am good. I said a quick prayer and found your show.
I am not speaking about being fearful of where you are, but being aware of where you are and not “opening the door” to attacks, (literally).
It is spiritual warfare. The days of happy go lucky carefree attitudes (spiritual laziness) are gone. We must wake up, tighten your belt put on your flak jacket, (spiritually of course) lace up your boots take that shield of faith put on your helmet grab your Bible, the sword of the spirit, and head out.
Jim Dunn

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