2 Independence Day Videos w Patriot Gallery

TAMMUZ 5783 Glorious New Begging Vision 4th Month Door Wide Open

Follow Along: https://isaiah58ministries.blogspot.com/2023/06/focus-watch-what-you-watch-becareful-of.html
Glorious New Beginning! Vision 4th Month a Door Wide Open
FOCUS Watch What You Watch. Be Careful of What You See! TAMMUZ 5783
TAMMUZ 5783 Chalkboard Teaching by Christine Vales
June 19th thru July 18th 2023

Focus Zoom in on. Zoom in magnify the Lord’s vision.
Look and look Again!
Look with your heart. There are things we can not see, Hidden, out of sight.
God show us what we do not see?
To connect to God.
Between the Straits. 3-week period: A tight spot, Narrow Way.
2 Events, dates

  1. Moses comes down from the mountain with the Ten Commandments. And Temple plans. Start the collection and building God’s temple. God with Men.
    Took their eyes off God and sinned. Golden Calf
  2. 40-day search to spy out the land. Bring back the Fruit of the land. A Bounty. (God’s provision, Camels’ provision.)
    Holiday for the eyes. Flowers blooming, Growth everywhere. So much that is pleasing to the eyes. 4th of July Independence Day.

Ashes under Your Feet, Mind Your Own Business You Perverts! Dependent on God Alone!

Read Along: https://isaiah58ministries.blogspot.com/2023/06/ashes-under-your-feet.html
The 4th of July will be here soon. Did you know it means “Mind your own business!” Your life is your responsibility no one else’s. You are responsibilities that come from God. Do not look to others “To Take Care of Your Business.” We tell Klaus Swab, Bill Gates, Democrats, Pedo Perverts, Bankers, fed, IRS, and Everyone World Wide. Get out of my business you pervert! Loudly to mind their own business. A Republic-based, the foundation, the cornerstone is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is King, Lord, and our Savior. No communism, Capitalism, Socialism, or Feminism. No isms. Wholesome good Moral Lives Independent of one another. You will not be dependent on anybody. Farm your own land, raise your own children, Raise your own food We declare NO to slavery and Indenture servitude, a job is against the law. Dig your own well and outhouse, educate feed, teach train your own children. Make, coin, Your own Money”, but only gold and silver coins can be used as legal tender.

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