Zoom Revival ROUND 2: BardsFm & Resistance Chicks

Praying through the storm…

Join us Saturday, January 20th, 2024
8:00 PM ET
LIVE on the platforms below!

Resistance Chicks and BardsFm join together a SECOND OPEN Zoom call! Last week’s revival was wild and powerful to say the least, with satanic troll attacks for over half of the night! So what do the BardsFm and Resistance Chicks do? We say, lets go again Lord! We invite YOU for a night of online prayer, worship and Holy Spirit FIRE! If you need prayer, a touch/move of God, or just brought into His presence, join us IN the Zoom call, click on link below! Also, if God has a short word on your heart, or scripture to share for this time, come prepared to share! Don’t forget! The Indiana Dan Patch Revival has been moved to February 10th, 2024! (click here for more details!)
Donate to get the SECIUS book republished click here: https://www.givesendgo.com/thesiecuscircle

CLICK HERE For Zoom Link

Zoom Password in Circle Below:

Watch LIVE on Rumble without joining Zoom: link below!

Don’t forget to join us over at Bards Nation! Is BardsNation.com just for BardsFm listeners? NO, this is a community for anyone who wants to be a part of a community of believers and truthers, to be able to connect on not only a national level but a local level. We are far stronger together than we are apart which is why they have tried so hard to divide- we but what they weren’t counting on was for us to improvise, adapt and OVERCOME- which is exactly what BardsNation.com is.

Watch LIVE on Rumble

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Mike Hopkins
4 months ago

I am listening to this live zoom special today. Nice discussion.

Kind regards,
Mike Hopkins

5 months ago

I tried joining but got locked out:(
I will be watching live

5 months ago

I can’t wait until tonight..last weekend was awesome!! Such powerful messages,prayers requests! Just be with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ boosts,our FREQUENCY!!!❤🙏❤🙏

Margaret Weaver
Margaret Weaver
5 months ago

Got sooo blessed last week. So glad you are doing it again.

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