Worldwide Rally For Freedom, Massive Anti-Lockdown Protests; Top EU/UK News 3/21/21

On today’s TOP News stories from AROUND THE WORLD: #PastorJamesCoates of #Edmonton ‘s #GraceLifeChurch is set to be released in the next few days after Crown prosecutors have agreed to withdraw all but one of his charges related to keeping his church open during the province’s COVID lockdown. Then “Burn Your Masks!” tens-of-thousands of protesters across the globe marched on Saturday against continued government #lockdowns and other #pandemic restrictions. All of that and much more… join us LIVE!

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On today’s TOP News stories from AROUND THE WORLD: #PastorJamesCoates of #Edmonton ‘s #GraceLifeChurch is set to be…

Posted by Resistance Chicks on Sunday, March 21, 2021

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
3 years ago

I was checking out D Live and other sites and I am rarely able to take part in live streams so the whole chat thing is a non-factor for me socially or community wise. I am looking for hte best way to watch your videos (outside of YouTube) but where I can leave comments for you and others in our family of regulars, or not so regulars maybe? Anyway, the D Live platform appears to be possibly great for live streams but not for anyone watching later and wishing to discuss it with you and others afterwards. I am open to other platforms if they have enough other content creators and viewers to be something that will still be around in a year and also user friendly as most of the ones I am familiar with are not so great, like
Rumble, Gab, etc.. What do you recommend among Odysee, Trovo, or any others out there that you use?

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