Top Stories of 2021: The Good, Bad & Ridiculous

While to most of us, 2021 felt like a scene from Bull Murray’s Groundhog Day, a repeat of the nightmare of 2020 all over again, this past year has been quite different from the previous. We saw Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour take the country by storm, Joe Biden place his hand on a Bible surrounded by razor wire in DC, Kyle was found not guilty, Redditors took on Wall Street with the Silver Squeeze, the incompetent pullout of US troops in Afghanistan, the event that took place exactly one year ago, minus 6 days, and India stops the pandemic dead in it’s tracks with proper treatment and so much more! You don’t want to miss tonight’s special New Year’s Eve shows! We will kick off the night on Brighteon TV at 6:00pm where we will take a deep dive into what happened on January 6th, and then head on over to our regular platforms where we will have a FUN New Year’s Eve special, year in review!

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