How To Save Your Marriage & Other Relationships in 2022

HUGE Special Episode TONIGHT!!!

The devil has gone on a major offense in our relationships these past two years; he wants nothing more than to rip marriages, families and relationships apart and has even succeeded in some. Whether that has been you, or someone you know and love, or you want to take your relationship to a deeper level, tonight’s show with special guest, Musician, Author & Pastor Serge DaRosa is one you can’t afford to miss. God has given Serge a message SO powerful and life changing, when he shared it with us, right away I asked him to come on our show and share it and his heart on it with you. I promise you, you’ve never understood what real love is until you’ve heard this. So grab your spouse, your friends, your family and join us for a show unlike ANY we’ve EVER had on Resistance Chicks!

Serge DaRosa has been in the ministry for over twenty years and lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma with his beautiful wife Kristy and 4 incredible children. We count Serge and his family as our family, but tonight, we want to bring you, no only one of our best friends, but a pastor who couldn’t be better qualified to minister to those who are struggling in the area of relationships. Serge is an assistant pastor at Occupied Church in Tulsa, where he continues to push the envelope on what it meant to be one with Christ and the servant of all.

You can find out more about Serge, his books, and ministry at Kiss Of Revival’s website: click here.
Subscribe to his Youtube Channel Here: Kiss of Revival
Or you can e-mail him at [email protected]

You can also listen to and download Serge’s music here:

Join us LIVE at 9:00 PM ET with Q & A at the end!

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