The French Arise: Massive Protest!

Welcome our Sunday World News Round Up and boy do we have a show for you! Actually, this show is brought to you by freedom lovers from around the world who are uniting to fight back against tyrannical government overreach. Hundreds of thousands took to the streets in France shouting #Liberte! in protest to draconian measures that would require anyone who wanted to travel by plane, train, or enter a restaurant present a health passport. What do you expect the descendants of the #frenchrevolution to do when you bring back the heavy hand of tyranny? Exactly what they did on Saturday in their largest protest for freedom when #EmmanuelMacron came out with requirements for jab passes.

Italians got into a scuffle in parliament over their green pass. The president of Mexico seems to be the only world leader with a clear head calling out big pharma and questioning the prevailing narrative.

In the midst of all the craziness, a Christian woman who often speaks at the free speech epicenter of the UK, Speakers Corner, and says it’s not safe to be a Christian.

You will love the videos coming out of Australia from last week’s protest, however their all powerful leaders have brought in the military to squash them. In the absurd news of the week Australian rugby players are told to put tape over their doors and not even open a window for fresh air while in quarantine.

It’s a mad mad world but there is hope and we’re going to bring it to you! Join us, for this week’s TOP #news stories from around the world!

World changing video from Australia!!!

Link to website of Christian evangelist woman who was stabbed a Speaker’s Corner:

Watch Live at 1:45 PM ET On:



Clouthub: Channel 1620


FrankSpeech Link:



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