Shocking! NIH Funded Gruesome Aborted Baby Research, DeSantis/Biden Throw Down; Could Larry Elder Be CA New Gov?

On tonight’s weekly round-up of news: New documents obtained from the federal government suggest that aborted babies may be being born alive and left to die at the University of Pittsburgh so that their organs may be used for scientific research. The University of Pittsburgh is the same place where researchers implanted second-trimester aborted babies’ scalps onto rodents to study the human immune system. On Tuesday, Judicial Watch and the Center for Medical Progress said they obtained 252 pages of new documents about the university’s practices from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. HHS provided the documents after the groups filed a Freedom of Information Act request and later a lawsuit when the agency did not follow through. The documents show that the federal government gave the University of Pittsburgh at least $2.7 million in federal tax dollars over the past five years to become a “tissue hub” for aborted baby body parts for scientific research. Story here!

Conservative commenter Larry Elder set to boot Cali governor Newsom! natural immunity vs jabbed immunity, Why are Capitol police committing suicide? We have links for you to fight medical tyranny! All of that and MUCH MORE! Join us LIVE! Moderna Article: Inside one of biotech’s most secretive startups

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