Modern Psalmist God is On the Move Part1

Join us tonight! 8:30pm est. One of the greatest gifts that God has used since the beginning of time is the gift of the Psalmist: David was a Psalmist! He received prophetic words from the Lord through song- and the Lord is rising His Psalmists up in THIS hour to tell of the mighty works that he is doing! You don’t want to miss tonight’s premier with our mom, Patriot Gallery as she takes you into this amazing gift and how God is moving TODAY! Book released February 2021. “Psalmist Arise Beyond the Music.” Page 3 Psalmist The children of Israel, led by Miriam and Moses, praised God in song after God gave them safe passage through the Red Sea. God had fulfilled His 400 year promise to Abraham to deliver his Children from bondage. 2020 was the 400th year anniversary of the Pilgrims landing Nov. 9th 1620. 2020 “The lockdown.” I’ll be sharing a Dream of America’s deliverance from the Cabal. Also PG will be sharing tonight about Kollin L. Taylor, the author of this book. 8:30pm. The Lord delivering America from oppression!?” “Baseball Practice General Flynn.” Artist, Poem, Art Department, Dead Bodies, Modern Psalmist, Painter, Poet, Prophetic, Psalmist Arise Beyond The Music, Kollin Taylor, General Flynn, Treasure Chest

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