Revelation Red Pill Academy 4 (1 of 2): Daniel, The 70th Week Fulfilled & Why That’s GOOD NEWS!

Daniel and the 70th Week Fulfilled and Why That’s Great News! I wanted to start out part 4 of our Revelation Red Pill Academy going point by point over Daniel’s 70 week prophesy and how those weeks were fulfilled in Jesus. But first, the most important thing I am praying people take away from this course is not who the Anti-Christ is, or was, not who the Beast of Revelation is, or was, not even a complete understanding of what/when/why/where/how the millennial reign is. What I hope to do is punch at least a few holes into a relatively new to the scene theology made famous by authors such as Tim Lahaye of the Late Great Planet Earth, the Left Behind Series, and modern televangelist such as John Hagee and Jack Van impe, who we grew up watching with much confusion. They way they put scriptures together was like playing twister with a 1,000 lb gorilla, it just leaves us all stuck with a heavy weight on top of us. Jesus came to set the captives free, to preach the year of Jubilee, to open blind eyes, to heal the broken hearted, and he gave us that mission and that message. However, with the modern day eschatology (and I say modern day because what this teaching is, commonly called Dispensationalism, only came onto the scene in the early to mid 1800’s), one is left with the felling of whip lash. On one hand we are called to be Overcomers and reign as kings and priests, and the other hand we are to lay down our arms and let the devil take over so Jesus can come back. What?

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