Josephus: The Wars of the Jews ~ Episode 2) Book 1, Chapters 6-11

One vital element the modern church is missing in interpreting scripture is what actually happened during the bloody war and chaos leading up to the destruction of the temple in 70 AD. Flavius Josephus’ first hand historical account is unquestionably the go-to source for a detailed and accurate telling of the gruesome atrocities that took place during this time. Join me as we read through one of the most fascinating, true, historical accounts of the most pivotal moment for Israel (the Jews) and how it changed the way they worshiped God, forever. THEN, join us for our companion series on Wednesdays: REVELATION RED PILL ACADEMY as we explain just why this history is crucial to know in order to have a complete understanding of what Jesus accomplished, as well as the prophesies He fulfilled, in his coming, salvation & judgement, as foretold by the prophets of old.

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Eric W
Eric W
4 months ago

Please put a link to all the Josephus videos.. they are fascinating and what I’ve been searching for.

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