Republican’s National Convention HUGE Success! Kyle Rittenhouse, Rand Paul Attacked & MORE 8/28/2020

Last week’s #DNC doesn’t hold a candle to this week’s POWERFUL #RNC; the stories told, testimonies shared moved us and brought us to tears. For the first time since the virus hit, there was #HOPE in the atmosphere again. The name of Jesus was boldly proclaimed over and over again, giving glory to God and fighting for the unborn. Thursday night’s finale with #PresidentTrump speaking in front of the #Whitehouse moved us and allowed us to remember life before this plague hit, before the lockdowns and masks and envision a future without it all. Also this week: #RIOTS continue, causing young people to arm themselves and take to the streets to protect their cities from rioters and looters and those committing violence against anyone in their path. #KyleRittenhouse is one such teen, who was attacked and used his weapon to defend himself, killing one person and severely wounding another. #RandPaul was also attacked by a mob last night, along with his wife, as they were trying to exit the RNC. DC Police were there to protect them, Rand says if they hadn’t been, he isn’t sure they would have made it out alive. The Federal Reserve unveiled Thursday, a major policy change that tolerates higher inflation, a move that could allow interest rates to stay lower for a longer period of time. Jerome Powell, the Fed chair, announced that the central bank would adopt “a flexible form of average inflation targeting” as the key outcome of its monetary policy framework review. Read More:
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