NIH Admits Fauci Lied; Massie Grills AG on Feds Involved on J6

Once again this week we have a two part broadcast. Our first segment was streamed live on Brighteon.TV at 7:00PM ET, followed by our second segment streamed on our regular platforms below. For this week’s TOP News Stories we talked about how Biden’s CNN Townhall Goes Sideways and then the fact that the NIH has admitted that Dr. Fauci LIED, they DID in fact fund gain of function research at the Wuhan lab… Next we see KY Rep, Thomas Massie fire off at AG Garland asking him to put to rest whether federal agents were involved, or present on January 6th agitating the crowd to breech the Capitol… video footage from that day begs the question. All of that and MUCH MORE!

Join us LIVE at 8:00 PM on the following:



CloutHub NOW has LIVE CHAT!!!!: Channel 1620

Pt1: Rumble

Pt 2: Rumble

Pt 1: BitChute

Pt 2: BitChute

Pt1: Clouthub

Pt 2: Clouthub

Pt 2: Facebook

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