Matt Walsh Owns Dr. Phil Show- Biden Disastrous Press Conference

Up ahead on this week’s Headline News Stories with Resistance Chicks! Sleepy Joe just can’t seem to catch a break- his approval rating is at a historic low of 33%, bare shelves are popping up across the country, his administration seems to want a war with Russia, and to top it all off people actually think a president should be able to answer reporters’ questions. This is all too much for sleepy Joe, who just wants to go back to Delaware and take a nap. Meanwhile masterful word artist, Matt Walsh, made an epic appearance on the Dr. Phil show and confronted gender and grammar confusion. As a side note, Pelosi has a transportation pick that can’t even park a car….seriously, it’s on video and sums up our government’s incompetence in a rather shamefully, hilarious way

Catherine Austin Fitts talks about how we are moving on from this phase of the pandemic to the next and how the globalists used “entrainment” to control the population. All of that and much more coming up!

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