Mark Baker: Farmer, Teacher, Renaissance Man

The Farmer Who Stood Up To The Government With the Bill of Rights and Pure Grit

We first met Mark Baker of Baker’s Green Acres at the Rogue Food Conference of 2020 where he inspired us that we don’t have to take the bullying of big Ag, the FDA or any government agency lying down- they work for us. Mark served in the Airforce for 20 years, combine that with being a father and husband to his incredible wife and partner, Jill, he knows just exactly how to inspire those who look up to him for answers, guidance and leadership.

After being attacked by government officials for his God given right to farm, Mark went on the offense to educate and unite people across the country with the simple slogan: Anyone Can Farm. That’s when The Anyone Can Farm Tribe was born. Mark, Jill and his family constantly host classes on-line and in-person on a number of homesteading skills such as processing hogs, chickens, ducks, rabbits and more.

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You can watch our original interview with Mark from the Rogue Food Conference here:

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

I love Mark. I especially loved the story of him taking the driver’s licenses of those govt. punks. I wish the troopers had written them up for driving without a license, lol.

There is a lot of parallels in this story and what is going on today with all these “guidelines” being perpetuated as laws. So many people I come across don’t understand that none of this is even legal let alone enforceable. A business can set a policy and kick you out but you can’t be arrested,,,, yet.

I too want to get an RV because they really do provide a great deal of flexibility and freedom.

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