Infinity 2020 The Number of God!

Blogspot Link: Let’s jump straight to the punchline Counteracting the effects of Project Mocking Bird, Government Propaganda and their many, many lies. Numbers 2020 Connected to the Holy Name of God. Infinity, For the Best happiness life for their children! For Life, Liberty, Happiness, Goodness, Good things happening always around them. EVERY DAY! God promises each person A Very Happy Long Life. Healthy Life! based on THE “POWER” of God’s salvation! The gate or portal Door Alex Jones the blog started with on “2020 Infinity” is “the Gospel of Jesus Christ!” Meditating on it 24/7/365! God loves me he forgave my sins. etc. 2020 Infinity! Doing things right, over and over again. If anyone sins, we pray God forgives them, and God heals everyone, everything, making things right again. God already sees everything healed, restored and made right! We are catching up to God’s vision. How God sees people: “Life” Free! Full of life, happy! Jesus paid the price, once for all men’s sins. It is finished! Leo Zagami, Alex Jones, Mike Adams, Greg Hunter, Wayne Jett
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