2020 Infinity Police Officer On This Earth Is The Holy Spirit

Blogspot link: https://resistancechicks.blogspot.com… Let’s jump straight to the punchline Counteracting the effects of Project Mocking Bird, Government Propaganda, all the lies of the last century! Do you know how much evil has been perpetrated because of the creation of the Federal Reserve System? American money is GOLD AND SILVER COINS! Evil men have used this counterfeit money printing system to wage endless wars the world over. When we use gold and silver that evil is kept in check.We uphold the Constitution and The Bible. We tell people the Truth. Honest Men only know the Truth through Jesus Christ our Savior and we only use Gold and Silver Coins! Laws can only be to protect men’s rights upon the use and good will of being honest with one another that only gold and silver coins are money! No laws can protect fiat or fiat deals, contracts, debts, bank accounts etc. It is all fraudulent! Our New Year resolve must be to seek God to forgive not just our own sins but to seek God to forgive those who have sinned against us!

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