France Pulls UK & US Ambassadors, Hungary Border Wall, Canada’s Conservative Firebrand Maxime Bernier

On today’s episode of TOP news from around the world: The French government is seething over Australia’s decision to drop a troubled multi-billion French submarine deal in favor of collaboration with Britain and America, describing it as “treason and pulled France’s ambassadors from the UK and the US.

Paris on Thursday blasted the new Indo-Pacific security alliance between the UK, US and Australia as a “stab in the back”. The “AUKUS” partnership was announced the previous day by Washington, Canberra and London to counter China’s influence in the region. It will see Australia cancel its contract with France for submarines in order to get some nuclear-powered ones from its new partners. French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian described himself on France Info radio on Thursday morning as “angry” over the announcement. “It’s just not done between allies.” “It’s a stab in the back,” he said, adding: “This unilateral, brutal, unpredictable decision is very similar to what Mr Trump used to do.”

Then, Canadians go to the polls this week and a very exciting outlying Conservative party, the PPC, lead by firebrand Maxime Bernier is making waves and hopes to upset the political status quo.

Hungary shows the world how to keep out illegal migrants by releasing videos of their wall actually working as they have an enormous increase in migrant crossings over this time last year.

And What is the world is happening to the Aussie’s down-under? That and more on this week’s World News Round up!



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