A Fun Message For the Haters & Trolls: Behind the Scenes At Resistance Chicks

Trolls hit a post our mom put out… so usually I don’t feed the trolls, but today we decided to use it to give a tour of how we remodeled our home with our own two hands, top to bottom. How we work a full time job, owning our own business, are video creators plus homestead full time. How creating content and videos actually costs out of pocket, even with donations, but we that we count it as our ministry and praise God we are able to do it!

We are able to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ that Liberated Americans from Tyranny around the World.

Leah and I put our pants on one leg at a time, just like everyone else. We work hard, we get dirty, we make sacrifices most people never would, to live a life that is pleasing and acceptable to God and ministers to others.

We are the real deal, it doesn’t get any more real than us- I can promise you that. We were not raised with a silver spoon, nor do we seek after money or expensive things- none of that matters in this life or the next. We live our small life, on our small homestead, with our small income, but we talk loudly about our big God every chance we get! And apparently, that makes the devil mad so he sends his minions to try to throw us off. So swe decided to turn it around on them and made this little behind the scenes video for you guys!




Original post our mom made that started it all… 😉 https://www.facebook.com/ResistanceChicks/posts/4291611537620386?comment_id=4303465066435033&notif_id=1632263069691843&notif_t=feed_comment&ref=notif

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