Clay Clark: Use Your Time, Treasure & Talents to Save America

One the the most charismatic personalities you will ever meet on this earth is Clay Clark. To say that he is passionate, determined and focused about the call God has place on his life is an understatement. We had the privilege to speak with Clay about this past weekend’s latest Reawaken America Tour in San Antonio, TX (all three days of the conference can be viewed on Resistance Chick’s Rumble channel) and many of the amazing things that God is doing in the body of Christ right now! He gave us three reasons to be excited and hopeful while also posing the question (with it’s answer): How can you use your TIME, TREASURE and TALENTS to save America? The answers are simple, the best of which he said, was to make connections!

One of the best surprises we had, was logging on to our video call to find our dear friend and brother in Christ, Clay Staires sitting in studio with Clay Clark! If you all enjoyed the many interviews that we did at the Tulsa Health and Freedom Conference, such as Mike Adams, Mike Lindell, Ricky Skaggs, and Lin Wood, you should know several of those are due to Clay Staires giving us the “in”. We had a BLAST with him- mostly because we have the same slanted sense of humor! Not only is Clay a successful business man, speaker and consultant, he is stepping up to the plate to be one of those men of God answering the call to represent the people in government by running for the Oklahoma State House, District 66 in 2022! If our country manages to produce more men like Clay Staires and Clay Clark, who will say YES to the call of God on their lives, to be MEN and lead by being the servant of all- well then folks, I say- our fight has just begun. And the evil tyrant’s century old reign is about to come to an abrupt end.

Clay gave some incredible resources that each one of us can take advantage of! First: visit to get tickets to attend any of the upcoming conferences:

Dallas, TX Dec 9th-11th
Phoenix, AZ Jan 14th & 15th
Redmond, OR April 1st & 2nd

Visit the Time To Free America Store for t-shirts, books, or the link to the Reawaken America Docuseries- (use promo-code “Chicks” to save 10%). My favorite resource he gave was the “No Jab Jobs” section! If you are an employer who wants to offer jobs to those who haven’t taken the jab, or you have lost your job due to vaccine mandates, you can visit this site- it is so very needed in this time of tyranny! We must stand up and begin to take back our society! We will win because we are on the side of God and we will press God’s great reset button before the globalists can get to theirs!

Want a good way to get your friends and family to wake up to what’s really going on around us? Clay tells us to visit the 11 Questions You Can Ask Family and Friends That Will Wake Them Up button. Want to find out what’s actually in the Covid-19 vaccines? Clay’s site has a button for that too! What’s Inside the COVID-19 Vaccines?

Do you or someone you know need a pastor who is signing religious exemptions? Well, Jackson Lahmeyer, an incredible pastor running for Senate in Oklahoma has already signed 40,000- Clay points us to Jackson’s website where you can click on the button at the top to get yours! Amazing!

Finally, Clay gives the inside scoop to where he and Clay Staires purchase their precious metals at, Beverly Hills Precious Metals Exchange: who claims to be General Flynn’s precious metals deal of choice.

Use code CHICKS at for 10% off and to be entered for a chance to WIN 2 VIP tickets to the REAWAKEN AMERICA TOUR and get an exclusive BACKSTAGE PASS to meet Gen. Flynn and the other speakers. 

Shop the TODAY for their 3 day Early Black Friday Sale and Use PROMO CODE “CHICKS” to save 5%!

Join us tonight at 11:00PM ET for the premier of our interview with Clay and Clay!!!



CloutHub NOW has LIVE CHAT!!!!: Channel 1620



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