Boomslang Marburg Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide That Was My Dream

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Boomslang Marburg Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

 Not Medical Advice. Do your own research. 

That was my dream!

A couple of months ago I had a Dream: I was at a place called “5 Points.” An intersection of 5 main roads. A festival “Frontiers Day” was going on. I was walking down the street on the sidewalk heading towards the festival grounds heading West. From the West. I saw a Huge Dust Storm Coming at me like they have in Desserts. I have had another Dream with a dust storm around horse stalls and a parade staging area. Like a Fairgrounds.

Medical Stretcher
Emergency Bed

Growing up I marched in 10 or more parades a year from 4th grade through 11th Grade. Twirling Baton and in Marching Band. So it could be nothing.

I ran as Fast as I could into a Bank. I ran down staircases about 5 stories down. When I got to the bottom there were cots covering the floor with people with IVs in them.

I was handed an IV and told to use it on the sick who were bleeding out their eyes, ears, and noses.

If you knew me you would know I don’t do well with medical emergencies! I know nothing. I feel the suffering pain or get ill at the sight of the blood and I become paralyzed.

I had no idea what to do and woke up.

Below in an interview With Rick from Blessed 2 Teach Dr. Ardis described the Marburg virus as these symptoms: bleeding out their eyes, ears, and noses.

Before the dream, I had just heard Dr. Lee Merritt saying you need to have an IV at home. It was a couple days before the dram. I use to work at this bank. I was hoping it was just things from my past coming to the surface to be healed. I was hoping This really wouldn’t happen.

But I recently dreamt of the Revival in Asbury three days before it happened. Then A couple years ago I dreamed of the 2019 Attack. The dream was about a man trying to sell me a very old 2-car garage where the house had decayed and was removed. A two-car garage where the house was built on top of the garage. As I looked at it, he hit the garage, it was a hornet’s nest. The hornets were everywhere no one could escape. There was nowhere to hide. I do believe this man was President Trump. But the dream was not specific about who the man was. It was the Bug!

So what do we do? I took notes from the Blessed 2 Teach Show below. Dr. Ardis interview. I gave them to Leah and Michelle. Below are the notes.

Dr.Ardis said all the Dr.s are chewing 2 mg. Nicotine gum every day now that they know it is all snake venom. And that nicotine has been used forever as a medicine.. 47:00 minutes!


Later Dr. A says it is in the water that they mainly poison people with.

Washing hands, dishes, etc. The skin absorbs it.

Pink Eye in the cows was probably poison in the water. 20 % of people with covid had pink eye!

Your body makes Hydrogen peroxide! 1:12:45 Taking food grade Hydrogen Peroxide breaks apart snake venoms but feeds good bacteria! With oxygen. It is Equal to MMS. Order a lot more. It can protect from future pandemics because it is all based on snake poison. (Witchcraft Wizardry), Also, all food is being given the bad stuff, and Hydrogen Peroxide destroys it. They are working with 60 people completely paralyzed with the vax, Hydrogen Peroxide is healing them. Many are walking and back to work. The findings will come out in June or September.

Sells 35 % Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

1:18:00 He talks about the boomsnake poisoning symptoms: bleeding out eyes, ears nose. That was my dream! We need a lot of hydrogen peroxide maybe some IV’s to give it to people that was my dream! The Marburg virus causes severe hemorrhagic fever and originates from the same family of pathogens that cause Ebola. Similar to Ebola,….. it is next.

Boomslang snake means treesnake, Marburg Virus. Dr. Ardis’ wife takes 2mg twice a day of Nicotine gum. Dr. Ardis does a lozenge every day and a patch he cuts into 6 pieces and wears a piece all day every day.

Dr. Ardis gives his animals an ivermectin once a week. He has 5 dogs in the family, his wife’s kids’ dogs, and 3 of them have died recently. From the water they drink. B2T gives his dogs 3 drops of hydrogen Peroxide every day in their water.

Venom is destroyed at 131 degrees. You can clean water by boiling the water, etc.

Distilled Water is good.

September 9th, 2023 conference to introduce everything.

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