6 – “A More Perfect Kingdom Government

PG here. Sorry had to leave the chat. Finally, go back you were done. Cory your answer with the answers I give without knowing it. You said, “With no oil, gasoline, or fake synthetic products killing everyone, everyone would have to farm.” Right! The blessing of Deuteronomy 28. Abraham’s blessing: land! Everyone must be saved and put their faith in Jesus Christ. It is he Gospel, it is the Constitution. It is the law and the government. All men must turn back to their Great Grandparents’ land. For Justice. Their land and gold, freedom was taken from them. They are farmers forced to become workers for the counterfeiters. God is just and fair. We must be just and fair. Only gold and silver are money if anyone has land they didn’t inherit from their great-grandparents who bought it using gold and silver coins they are trespassing. We can not do this we have to put our Faith in God so that he can fix this and wait for him to lead us. James 5 is about Counterfeiting money, Amos 8, Revelation 6:5-6. James 5 is about confession of distributing, holding on to, loving using it, enjoying the fruits of it, and receiving Counterfeited money. Then repentance and healing. Freedom from sin, Liberty, life, health, and happiness. Matthew’s Gift of Talents story. Jesus talking about money. 5-2-1 you do not take the gift of gold and silver coins God gives you and bury it in vaults, in a pirate’s cave. You use it.

#6 – “A More Perfect Kingdom Government | What Does Heaven’s Government On Earth Look Like!?!!”

Cory Gray Kingdon Round Table Host: Our founding fathers created for us a unique and powerful foundation to build upon. We must not forget the biblical principles USA was founded upon. They called it a “more perfect union.”

But what does God want NEXT for the USA and the Nations of the world? I know it’s not tyranny. But what does it look like as we rebuild the governments of the world as Children of God.? As the Children of God take possession of all the kingdoms under the whole heavens? (Daniel 7:26-27)

It is past time we start thinking about this. God wants to give us the nations but what will we do when we get them? Are we prepared for the next step?!

Join us tonight as we discuss these powerful topics!

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