Biden Admin Targets “Disinformation”

On tonight’s weekly roundup of news: Jen Psaki announces Whitehouse is directly working with Facebook to deplatform anyone they feel is spreading “disinformation, this is fascism.
The match of freedom has been lit in #Cuba, with citizens rising up fighting against the chains of communism!
Then, results are in in AZ, and they are massive! Tucker Drops GA Truth Bombs. Meanwhile, chaos is taking place in #Africa as rioting and looting wreaks havoc. That and much more- join us live! 6:20 PM EST

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Kellie Salas-Lavine
Kellie Salas-Lavine
2 years ago

Thanks girls for bringing us the TRUE info from the Audits!

Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

I posted my usual rant of a comment over on Rumble already, for this episode. Here I will just say that I feel I missed out on a tad bit of the fun of this show because I opted to not wear the red lipstick. I suppose I could have buuuuut I’m not really into that. No judging though. I do like seeing you girls all dressed up and being girly. It’s just really nice to see and it’s appreciated. You look great in a tee shirt and a MAGA hat too though. 🙂

This censorship issue is the greatest threat we are faced with and we need more people to recognize this BEFORE it is too late. The more it goes on the worse the divide and our ability to wake them up to it will be. Thank you for also bringing us the upside and good news of why we have hope to balance against all the ugly and scary stuff facing us today. I used to watch a lot of Tim Pool and others but since I found you girls you have been my favorite go-to for the general news to supplement my regular diet of things like daily audit updates and some other things here and there from other patriot podcasters and such. BTW, if your not familiar with him `Black Conservative Patriot’ on YT is another good one that I think would be good to get over on Frank Speech. He also has his larger shows he does on other platforms where he can speak more freely. I don’t know how to go about connecting them but then I’m sure he’s very aware of FS and is likely going to go there if he wants. Nobody does this as good as you though.

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