You Know Why We Win? Solomon’s Wisdom…

Last night I was doing dishes and the thought came to me how the left is still arguing in such a violent way.
They enjoy arguing, they are very violent and they project upon us what they truly are inside.
He said our side ‘let the baby go,’ and that is why we will win and get our country back. Let me explain
There’s a story in the Bible where two women lived in the same home and one had a baby three days after the other.
In the middle of the night one of the women laid upon her baby and killed the baby.
In the middle of night she switched babies with the alive baby.
So the woman whose child was stolen went to Solomon with the other woman.
Solomon and his wisdom said well let’s just cut the baby in half.
The woman whose baby it really was said ‘no no no she can have her just don’t kill a baby.’
And then Solomon knew whose baby it was and gave the woman back her baby.

On November 3rd Trump won that election and then in the middle of the night the Democrats switched babies and gave us a dead baby

Now we have fought hard since the election.
I have watched every hour of the hearings across the states and I can break down the election fraud in every swing state. I know that Trump won by a large margin
I know I can say it here on telegram but I can’t say it on YouTube and I can’t say it on Twitter, what does that say?
After 4 years of the left telling us that Trump is an illegitimate president they now tell us that is inciting violence. What?! Hillary Clinton anyone? talk about inciting violence they’ve been calling us Nazis and saying it’s okay to punch a Nazi.
Well Trump did get four more years.
God anointed him to be our president
Not because of who Trump was because of who you all are we needed a fighter.
But now we need the Holy Spirit because Trump’s fight can only go so far.

To take this kind of evil down takes the blood of Jesus
Pray with me The Trump turns to Jesus fully completely and gets filled with the Holy Spirit in a humble yet strong way
On January 6th infiltrators riled up Trump supporters and led a charge on the capital to rip our country apart.
We let go of the baby and we went to God and we said Lord that really is our baby America belongs to Christians to godly and holy people but we cannot be violent like them in order to keep it.
And that is how we know we will win and we will get the baby back. Because God is more righteous and more just than even Solomon.
We win or we win.
And to God be the glory…. ~Leah Faith
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