US Gov Comes For Amish Farmer Amos Miller Food Security Roundtable

Supermarkets do not sell food. They sell products masquerading as food. For thousands of years humans grew food on their farms and then made the trek, sometimes daily, to a market to sell that day’s harvest, or things they had stored up and preserved, to sell throughout the year such as nuts, raisins, and dates. They sold real food.

Usually these markets sold a variety of goods and today around the world, many regions still hold open air markets and bizarres- where you can find locally grown food. Modern day grocery stores combine the vegetable market with the local butcher and created a supermarket. What is presented in grocery stores today resembles food, but it is not food; even those products labeled as organic are not as healthy as you think they are.

There are those who hold on to the old ways of growing food, but because of regulations they are kept out of the supermarkets and grocery stores. The United States FDA has created countless unconstitutional rules and regulations to keep real food from reaching your plate. All of this is at the behest of Big Agricultural lobbying organizations. Bill Gates is the owner of the largest amount of farmland owned by one person in the United States. This cannot be healthy.

One Amish farmer, Amos Miller, created an alternative to the supermarket where people could go and buy fruits, vegetables, meats and eggs… real food that nourishes the body as well as the soul. All over the nation there are people fighting behind the scenes so that we can be free again from from the monopolistic food system that rules us and is poisoning our bodies.

A God-fearing farmer has been fighting the government for his right to follow his conscience and grow food the way God has told him to- providing that to his community to keep them healthy. Most people have no idea the headache and the heartache that goes into trying to grow and sell healthy food to people; in fact it should be the easiest thing to do in the world.

With the Dutch farmers rising up at the prospect of losing their farm land, countless food manufacturing facilities burning down and supply chain issues, people are finally turning their attention to where our food is grown and how it reaches our table. Human beings need three things to survive: food, water, and air… If you can’t starve people, maybe you can poison them through poisoned food. Maybe you can arrest Amish farmers who tried to provide healthy food. Maybe you can send the FBI to raid their farms and fine them $250,000 like they’ve done to Amos Miller with a threat of $1500 a day if he butchers animals and sells the meat. Visit their website here: Amos Miller Organic Farm

Join us and the ladies from Children’s Health Defense TV’s Tea Time, Polly Tommey, Amanda Forbes, Sarah Kenoyer and Nadera Lopez- Garrity, as we discuss the government overreach into our food system and what we can do to secure our own.

Join us July 20th, 2022 at 8:00PM ET
LIVE on the platforms below!

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