UK Terror Attack Kills MP David Amess Plus World News 10/17/2021

In today’s episode of TOP news from around the world: A beloved Tory MP was murdered this week and the question remains as to why… MP David Amess opposed state power:
1) Anti lockdown
2) Anti mask mandates
3) Anti vaccine passports
4) Big Pharma critic
5) Civil liberties campaigner: On mask mandates: “Whilst many people are already choosing to wear face masks, it is obviously a huge infringement of people’s civil liberties. “I believe it will be difficult to enforce and must be left to people’s common sense and the community spirit” … On lockdowns: “British public have been extremely patient & forbearing, and most people have accepted the guidelines until now. There needs to be a coherent strategy for a return to normality—not the new normal, but the normality of pre-lockdown Britain”

Meanwhile, the French stop trains in their protests against violations of Civil liberties as Italians take to the streets in mass as the announcement came that no one will be allowed to work without a passport. A state in Germany has announced that even grocery shoppers for food alone will be subject to a mandate while another pastor in Canada is arrested for preaching. But there is hope.

The world is waking up and Liberty minded people are joining together from around the world in love to take a stand. And today we will take stops around the world, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, and more to see how they are fairing in this fight to see who gets to push that Great Reset button first. Will it be a new world where you own nothing and are happy or will it be a world with less state control and harmony among self regulating God loving people?

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

So I really hate to post a complaint on this comment section so soon after getting it back. I just have a technical bug I wanted to point out so you can maybe eventually find a fix.

So you probably already know about it but whenever I type “f” in lower case my screen jumps to fullscreen, like it just did, lol. Interestingly, it didn’t do it when I framed it within the “”s. It isn’t doing it when I do it in upper case, hmmm. Obviously that is the keyboard shortcut for fullscreen. I can live with it but it is annoying to have to hit esc. to get back here and get back to typing every time I use the letter that shall not be mentioned. It’s almost like that key is being governed by Google or FB and censored. I could create a code for that letter to avoid typing it. We’ve gotten pretty good at that game right?

Anyway, I just wanted to make you aware of it. Sorry to be the bearer of, ahh there it is again, the bad news.

Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

So I left my rant over on Brighteon, haha. Unfortunately I now feel all vented out and don’t know what to say here.

Sir Amess deserves a serious response to this horrible end to his life and a proper tribute. I also completely understand and concur with Leah on how there is a limit to how much serious devotion we can apply to every tragedy that occurs around us when we are surrounded by so much all day every day. I would relate it to living in a war zone and having death and suffering be a constant part of daily life. We need to adjust to our circumstances and balance it all out as best we can in order to maintain our sanity. This is why combat veterans tend to have a great ability to laugh at anything, graveyard humor some call it. We are living through times that require us to make such adjustments and become more flexible in order to survive and keep any sense of optimism or hope.

Okay, so I guess I figured out what to say here, lol. Great show as always ladies. Thank you for helping me maintain my own sanity. God bless you all.

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