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5 years ago

I am ashamed of myself that I have let your family down in your live stream about that “Latest Paris Attack…” . I am also sorry that I dropped a name once. I behaved disrespectfully and what you say about being professional is correct.
I will of course continue to watch all of your live streams, whether I have this wrench or wheher I am hidden or not.
Will never ever happen again, what I did. I would just insert some links from time to time to your website. No other comments anymore.
I am kind of childish, have always been. I saw the rest of the livestream a couple of hours after it was done and looked at the face of one of your daughters looking at the chat. Then I cried for 2 hours and started to drink.

Forever a friend

5 years ago
Reply to  Michelle

Thank you, I feel better now. But I made a mistake with somebody in the chat. I klicked on “block” when I wanted to klick on something else. I hope I can find out how to undo that.

5 years ago

Hardly anybody can see that Trump is not an honest man. Now him and Netanyahu and the Saudi Arabian mafia go to war everywhere.
That is a high crime, and if people criticize that, these people are called “anti-semites” or “Nazis”.
I guess the Rothschild and Rockefellers of this world will all have to be taken out, legally and lawfully.

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