Trump Acquitted… Twice

Tonight at 6:30 EST…

After the rush impeachment by the house and senate, President Trump has been acquitted for the second time in the senate. Mitch McConnel not backing down, says they will “not let Trump get away with this” and will be pursuing prosecuting him as a private citizen; an odd thing to say since the senate doesn’t have the power to prosecute anyone. Lindsey Graham is set to meet with Trump in an effort to get him to play nice, knowing full well the Republican party is toast without Trump. However, Trump isn’t backing down, in a statement released today saying that the Make America Great Again movement has only just begun and has “much to share with you over the coming months”.

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Winifred Allison
Winifred Allison
3 years ago

I am trying its not working o go to risistance chicks. Com i dont get anything but words no vidieo. I go to rumble it is confusing. Tried others it keeps asking for password . Have to change it everytime because cant remember. Cant find you. I am trying. Frustrated. I watch you faithfully but this sucks.

Winifred Allison
Winifred Allison
3 years ago

Lol that was my whinny self . I keep wanting to say i am 71 i cant do this. Than i remember that i plan to live to at least 90 so i need to pull it together. You girl encourage me so much. I love your down to earth wisdom. I love your walk with Jesus. I have started watching the red pill academy. So much to take in but i am working on it. I went to bible study this week and a man said “I don’t pray for revival I pray for jesus to come back”. Wow
so i get much of what i need on the internet.
God bless you both and I pray for beautiful babys for both of you
I go by Winni you might know me by Allisons folly. I told you about my adoption story last week.

3 years ago

Thank you
I went on bitchute and your profile came up I said I have to see them and God was directing me to. I love his mysterious ways. You have a new follower I’m in a very liberal area of washington state I’m am so glad he was acquitted. God bless the both of you.

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