The PURGE From Twitter: Sidney Powel, Gen Flynn, Tracy Beanz, Dan Bongino & MORE

So #Twitter is straight up “Thanos” snapping conservatives out of existence, meanwhile Facebook/Instagram have permanently banned our 45th president of the United States from their platform. Sort of makes you ask the question: what do they have to hide, and why are they so scared of our voice? 😉 All of that and so much more on tonight’s weekly round-up of news… we’ll be covering, the 6th with more evidence of #antifa #Italydidit and SO MUCH MORE! You don’t want to miss it! Resistance Chicks: the chicks who bring truth and HOPE when the world seems like it’s spinning out of control. PLUS! Special #propheticword from Leah for the 20th of this month!

Extended Version on Facebook Below!

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