The Outliers: Amanda Grace

Join us Monday, May 27th, 2024
LIVE at 8:00pm EST
on the platforms below!

Mighty woman of God and prophetic power-house Amanda Grace joins Resistance Chicks for episode 2 of our new series: The Outliers – Today’s World Changers, where we’re interviewing those on the front lines of TRUTH, the heroes of our time. This comes off of the tail of a huge prophetic warning Amanda delivered last week to our leaders, pastors, and political candidates. This very well could be one of the most important words spoken in this hour! Join us LIVE where we will ask Amanda about this word and much MORE!

About Amanda:

Ark of Grace Ministries was started in 2014. Through the prophetic Word and in the biblical teaching of the gospel, an understanding of the living and active Word of God with reference to and application of the original context of the Hebrew and Greek roots of the Bible. The passion of Ark of Grace Ministries is to bring people into a closer relationship with the Almighty God, through His son, Jesus Christ, who is the only way to the Father. Our belief is there is true freedom in knowing Christ!
In addition to providing biblical prophecy and teaching, we are also an animal sanctuary that currently houses 60 rescued animals. Most of these came as lost, abandoned, and disabled animals.  All the animals of the Ark are shown God’s love for all creation.
Ark of Grace Ministries embodies the love and compassion of Jesus Christ, who cares for all of His creation. Moreover, Amanda cares for her husband Chris, who miraculously survived a traumatic brain injury. Through their testimony, they teach others how the Lord can move powerfully in every circumstance of life. Ark of Grace is truly an inspirational ministry that is transforming lives!

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