The Covenant Sat Night: Dr. Jehle, Dr. Diamond, Dr. Alan Keyes

Because we don’t know what, where, how, why, we come from, Where we Started, what we were freed from by God Almighty we are now in a worse state of tyranny. Live 7:30pm Saturday Night Live! Be Stunned, Shaken to the core,  filled with remorse and regret of the things you didn’t know! But needed to know for your sound mindedness, happiness, security and safety! For your countries Freedom. For The Salvation of The Republic, For the Love of God and Liberty. To secure you rights, Life and freedom from tyranny, evil forces, dictatorship. In order to go forward you must know where you started. 3 Doctors: John Diamond, Alan Keyes, Paul Jehle, Scott Kesterson, Salem Hudson, Leo Martin, Day 2 of the Covenant. Enter Here into The Covenant!

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