Dr. Lee Merritt: The Hospitals Are Killing People

In this video Dr. Merritt breaks down the military grade ingredient in the vaccine, Lipid-nanotechnology. She does not even call these injections a vaccine because they do not stop infection of prevent transmission. She sounds the alarm on the total malpractice happening around the world when it comes to the treatment, (or lack thereof) of Covid-19. She tells us that Remdesivir is harming livers and does not even work as a treatment for the virus. There are many questions still surrounding the origins of the virus but Dr. Merritt lays out very succinct and compelling timeline of the who’s, what’s, where’s and why’s. In this interview Dr. Merritt puts together all of the facts and fills in all the gaps that we’ve all had. This is the video that you’re going to want to share with everyone you know.