Sri Lanka’s Government Collapse; Dutch Farmer Protests, UK’s BOJO Resigns

It’s been a tumultuous week around the globe. We have been closely watching the decline of Sri Lanka’s economy, as gas and food shortages have led to massive protests, with wait-times for gasoline stretching out for days on end. It seems that Sri Lanka is the first canary in Modern Monetary Theory’s (MMT) coal mine, to take a disastrous tumble. The government’s nepotism, corruption, and implementation of Green-New-Deal-style farming regulations, in addition to worldwide drops in travel, have sunk Sri Lanka into complete chaos.

More supposed “Green Agendas” have fired up Dutch farmers in massive demonstrations, as the Netherlands seek to shut down and even confiscated up to a third of all Dutch farms. They are doing so on the platform of saving the planet and reducing nitrogen and ammonia output. German farmers have joined the Dutch and Poland and Italy have joined to protest against rising inflation and cost of living. Even Albanians have taken to the streets in resent days. Canada has held trucker protest organizer, Tara Lich, in jail for 21 days, meanwhile letting violent criminals free on bail. In a bold statement, Trudeau opposition, Pierre Poilivere, has vowed to restrict all government officials from joining the WEF (World Economic Forum), that’s a good start.

Bombshell news came out of the UK this week as Boris Johnson finally met his match after two years of running the Conservative Party like Greta’s wild-haired green-energy uncle. It seems Party-gate and other scandals caught up with him in the end. Boris faced a Constitutional crisis as 39 members of his cabinet resigned in one day and over 59 total, leaving his government in shambles. It remains to be seen how long he holds on as he has appointed himself “caretaker” of the government until the fall. All this and so much more. You won’t want to miss this week’s packed show!

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