Should Christians Keep the Sabbath? Saturday, Sunday, or No Day?

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Bible Breakdown Report- Throughout the Bible, God seems to make a big deal about keeping the Sabbath day. God himself gave his people an example by resting on the 7th day after 6 days of Creation. Moses reaffirmed the importance of a Sabbath day rest before giving the Ten Commandments when he told the people of God to only collect manna for 6 days and rest on the 7th. All through the Old Testament God’s people were blessed or punished by their keeping of the law and the Sabbath. Enter Jesus on the scene. Jesus ruffled a lot of feathers by doing things that the religious leaders of the day thought were against the law of God, specifically the Sabbath. To which Jesus answered- “the Son of Man is Lord, even of the Sabbath.” Traditionally/Biblically, the Sabbath was kept from sundown Friday until sundown on Saturday. If the Sabbath was on Saturday, who changed it to the Sunday that most Christians meet on? Many Christians have varying beliefs- and guess what- that’s okay, it’s even Biblical! Let’s break down the various viewpoints on this topic and you can see where Michelle and I land. Come and join us!

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1 year ago

Hello Chicks..:)
Hearing your Part 2 on the : Should Christians keep the Shabbat.
Christians should not.

Also you say, Jews are ‘looking for the Messiah” Sorry they are not ‘looking for the Messiah’, they are waiting.. for the arrival of the true Messiah, which will be soon, (Please God-Amen)
There have come many false Messiahs, and if your Jesus really ever existed, the day the true one comes, you will then know the truth.

It is not this Jesus guy.
No proof he ever existed.
And Christians have translated.
Examples:But you, O Israel, My servant, Jacob, you whom I have chosen, offspring of Abraham who loved Me…and to whom I shall say: ‘You are my servant’ – I have chosen you and not rejected you.” (Isaiah 41:8-9)
The suffering servant is Israel, aka, the Jews who follow Torah.
No one else.

Christians changed Isaiah 53, for their own way to form a church, to lead people away from the ONE and ONLY TRUE CREATOR,
and your Jesus is the false messiah.

1 year ago

Hey ladies! Keep up the great work!

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