Shemane Nugent with Resistance Chicks

Shemane Nugent with Resistance ChicksFrom Shemane’s description: join me for an 11 day shred email [email protected] Register for my ReAwaken program at www.ShemaneNugent.Rocks/reawaken Leah and Michelle visit Shemane Nugents’ Show. Shemane shares her new Documentary “Killer House”. No, it is not a SFFY Movie. Shemane testifies how 4 types of mold in her house almost Killed her. The three of them go back and forth sharing the ways “we the people” have personally have taking back our Health in the simplest and easiest old fashion ways. Putting an End to Witches and Wizards poisoning us. The big Corporations using pharmaceuticals, chemicals trying to kill us all. Jesus Christ fills us with LIFE! Life Begets LIFE! Witches, Wizard are full of Death. Death Begets Death. Accept Jesus Death of the cross for you. He die in your place turn to him allow him to save you, heal you. So he can fill you with Life , and Life giving Water of his Holy Spirit.

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