Schumer Flub: “Trump Incited Erection”; Biden’s Hilarious Circus! God Laughs At The Wicked!

Tonight, On Resistance Chicks: In hilarious classic Jim Carrey fashion from the movie “Liar, Liar”, Chuck Schumer makes EPIC flub on the Senate floor claiming that “Donald J. Trump Incited the #Erection” … well Mr. Schumer, according to Webster’s dictionary, you would be correct, President Trump spent the past 4 years building up America, while you did everything you could to tear it down… thank you for making that clear for all of us and telling the truth! So far, after 2 days, #Biden has managed to make a circus out of things that is keeping us all in fits of laughter at the absurdity of it all, including rolling back Trump’s cut on prices for insulin, allowing boys in girls bathrooms, allowing boys to compete in girls sports and SO much more! Grab the popcorn for more laughs and HOPE for the plans God has to destroy the wicked!!!
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