Russia & Ukraine: What’s Really Going On w/ Special Guest BardsFM

As Russian troops advance their invasion of Ukraine, with bombs, helicopters, fighter jets, and troops, and Ukrainians enlist on the streets, with 10,000 automatic rifles being handed out, the entire world is watching, grabbing a hold of whatever the prevailing narrative is. We’ve got energy, NATO, water rights, bio-weapon labs, boarders to be protected, financial reset cover-up, Biden’s corrupt ties, China and countless other intricacies at play here- but what’s the real rub? Join us tonight on Brighteon.TV at 6:00PM ET with special guest Scott Kesterson of BardsFM as we break through what we’re told to believe, to what is really going on. Then, join us at 7:00PM as we cover this week’s headline news stories and the US trucker convoy!

Join us tonight, February 25th, 2022 at 6:00 AND 7:00 PM ET
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2 years ago

I was all set going to share ONE VIDEO ONLY at Gab from Clout –
but this site is the worst I’ve
ever seen for layout,, 5 video feeds all the same? At top of feed there’s a description,,that I was going to use with video – To show who you are – and it’s not connected to anything or a video,, just a static image – It’s like kids thew entire laundry into a huge pile. WHo Did This mess? Does anyone come here to verify what they did? Huge pile of chaos.
And that banner at the top,,, do they thing we use 60″ Tv’s – cant even get a view for screenshot to share. Anyone ever heard of drop down menu’s? Now it’s a full view. There’s plenty of white space along each side.
Sorry, I’m not presenting any of it. I went out of my way at night school to study commercial art. Most of the crew are retired professionals. I won’t subject them to it.

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