Richardson Family Update

Hello everyone, I just wanted to post an update. My sister and I had two long, wonderful phone calls today with Scott’s oldest daughter, Tashina, who lives outside of the Old Order Mennonite Community down in KY, on her way home for a week and a half before coming back up for another visit to be with her family once her oldest brother heads back home with his wife and children. She told us that the family is holding up, but it’s understandably it’s difficult. They are finding strength in the Lord and in the deep desire to carry on with their father’s dream of being a bridge between their world and ours- ministering to people through God’s way of growing food. Of returning to the soil and being a good steward of the land and His creation. Tashina said today that her dad’s mantra in life was to always ask himself what would Jesus do. I think we all would do well to mirror that example.

Tashina will be directly receiving all of the funds from your extremely generous donations for her family. She’s already discussed with the family what to do with the funds, ideas of which include bringing Scott’s sisters-in-law into the country from the Philippines and Japan to be with Miriam, his beautiful wife, once Covid restrictions allow. That will be a wonderful blessing and comfort for Miriam, far beyond anything else.

The entire family has been blown away by your love, care and generosity. As a friend of the family, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not only has their community wrapped their arms around them in support, you have, many of you, strangers, just wanting to help in some way. “Loving thy neighbor” is alive and well- you all have proven this.

For those of you who couldn’t be there, I wrote the following on the night we returned home from the viewing and wanted to share a piece of it with all of you:

“Although I know and love this family, and have experienced life with them on more than one occasion, tonight was different. I feel like I stepped back in time. The viewing took place right in their kitchen, surrounded by dozens in their community, sitting in as many seats as they could pack in their two front rooms. The lanterns burned, and the community sang hymns in low, deep tones that reminded me in some ways of old spirituals. Hymns that seemed to wash the room with love and support like no other thing could. I felt God in that place, I felt community, the love of Jesus, a respect for a way of life we’re desperately lacking. And yet, the family and the community opened their hearts to each one of us “English” (as they lovingly call those of us who live the modern life) who came through the line to hug, pray, cry, and hold hands with our dear herd share family, and pay our respect to the man who always signed his letters, “only a shepherd of cows”. Our mennonite family provides nutritious food, 5 days a week, to 150 families- Scott knew each of us by name. He truly was an extraordinary man, with an extraordinary family and community. Tonight, while mourning with this incredible family, I felt blessed beyond measure that they should allow us in to do so. I will never be the same for knowing Scott and his family and I will never be the same for this experience tonight.”

If anyone would like to send cards to the family, you are more than welcome to send them to our P.O. box and we will get them to the family, several of you have done this already.
Send To:
The Richardson Family
c/o Resistance Chicks
P.O. Box 107
Milford, OH 45150

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