Revolutionary Revivalists EP7

When the Gates of Hell Start Marching, Will YOU Be Ready?!? 🔥

In this world we will face tribulations of many kind, but even so, we must know that He who lives within us is greater than he who lives in this world! In this episode with the Revolutionary Revivalist’s, we will be breaking down the battle plans of war! Sadly, much of the church doesn’t even touch base or acknowledge even the key principles in this spiritual war that we face daily, but in the face of evil, one must rise up. This question is not asked out of fear, but in a true found love for our brothers and sisters in Him! Will YOU be ready? It’s getting dark, and the winds of heaven are blowing! Tune into tonight’s show and strap up those seatbelts because this trains coming through 🔥🔥🔥

BardsFM and Resistance Chicks are proud to present the Revolutionary Revivalists! Wisdom and the POWER of God from the youth of BardsNation and the Resistance Chicks Family!

Join us LIVE for The Revolutionary Revivalists’ weekly program on Thursdays with hosts Abigail Petersen and Leia Lumba! Be sure to subscribe and follow their Rumble channel!

The Revolutionary Revivalists
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