Revolutionary Revivalists EP10

Gods Unconditional, Pure, Selfless Love For Me & YOU!!

So many times in life we can get caught up in all the ordinary tasks of our everyday or even become caught up in the offenses that may arise within our relationships with others. Today we will be breaking down the pure, undefiled love that the Father has for each and every one of us which is unstained by all the cares of this world! We will talk about how you can walk in that love and not only become transformed and renewed but can also become the very representation of God’s love from above to others, today, here and now! If you want to take a glimpse at that love and become saturated evermore, tune into tonight’s show and find the Father’s love that overflows to greater measures!

BardsFM and Resistance Chicks are proud to present the Revolutionary Revivalists! Wisdom and the POWER of God from the youth of BardsNation and the Resistance Chicks Family!

Join us LIVE for The Revolutionary Revivalists’ weekly program on Thursdays with hosts Abigail Petersen and Leia Lumba! Be sure to subscribe and follow their Rumble channel!

The Revolutionary Revivalists
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