Revolutionary Revivalists EP 8

Relationship vs. Ritual – Breaking Free From Religious Mindsets & Finding God For Who He Is!

Through this course of life with all its ups and downs, hills and valleys, I’m sure you’ve at least once found yourself seeking God, reading the word, even fasting and longing for more of Him. Yet in some cases it feels as though your seeking seems of little avail, and you may find yourself even drained in the process of finding God, yet today I offer you hope! Maybe those feelings of forgottenness and wondering were the road signs pointing you back home – not done by ritual but by relationship! Today we’re running home, and there with it, pointing YOU back to the King of Kings who longs for your heart, where you’ll find what true love really looks like.

BardsFM and Resistance Chicks are proud to present the Revolutionary Revivalists! Wisdom and the POWER of God from the youth of BardsNation and the Resistance Chicks Family!

Join us LIVE for The Revolutionary Revivalists’ weekly program on Thursdays with hosts Abigail Petersen and Leia Lumba! Be sure to subscribe and follow their Rumble channel!

The Revolutionary Revivalists
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