Revelation Redpill Wed EP 13

Daniel’s 4 Kingdoms

Join us WEDNESDAY 5/17/2023
8:00 PM ET
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What if I told you that the book of Daniel is one of the most powerful tools to prove that Jesus is the Messiah, but because of modern end-times theology it sits on a shelf waiting for a future fulfillment? However, many of the prophesies contained in this book have been miraculously fulfilled with the coming of Christ! When most people start their study of the end times they immediately open up to the Book of Revelation with its fantastical imagery and they begin to surmise who the beast and false prophet are. They then jump back to the book of Daniel and try to figure out what modern-day countries are depicted by Daniel’s prophesies with the head of gold and feet of iron. Is it Russia, China, or America? The answer? None of the above. The Book of Daniel was penned by the hand of God in order to get His people ready for their coming Messiah, Jesus Christ- to let them know, down to the very day, when their Redeemer would come to set up His Kingdom. Jesus constantly referred to Himself as the Son of Man… why? Because that is the name Daniel gave to the Messiah.

Jesus was saying “I am here, Daniel is being fulfilled.”

Today we take a deep dive into the four kingdoms prophesied in Daniel 2 and 7. Get your Bibles, notebooks, and pens. Buckle up. We are going for a wild ride in prophecy fulfillment!

Join us for our new weekly broadcast with amazing guests as we dial in on how to turn this ship around with the power of God that has already been granted to us. Come and learn your position in the Body of Christ and get rid of the toxic blue pill defeatist false theology that has made the Church powerless and impotent. Christ’s bride should be ruling and reigning with Him.

Cory Gray has been given a fantastic revelation of what it means to be a king, ruling and reigning in Christ today! His book, Born Again As Kings is packed full of scriptures that show Jesus came, overthrew Satan’s dominion and He has given us the keys- we just need to learn how to use them! Be sure to check out Cory’s: The Unstoppable Kingdom Business Mind School: Click here And also take the FREE 8-course series of KINGDOM UNIVERSITY! Click here!

Pastors Jason Heydinger and Serge Da Rosa are pastors of Break Away Kingdom Hub in Tulsa, OK where they are in the belly of the religous beast spreading the KINGDOM message every week! Get plugged into their incredible ministry here: Break Away Kingdom Hub and check out their Kingdom Media Resources where you will find more of what we were talking about in this episode here:


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