Resistance Chicks On Lindell TV with Brannon Howse

Leah and I had a blast on Lindell TV with Brannon Howse talking about the fear-mongering surrounded around the new “Delta Variant”, how our world views shape our thoughts & decisions about everything and so much more! Is Brannon Howse the real deal and as down to earth as he seems on air? Even more so. He called us after our interview to congratulate us and let us know how much he enjoyed it: class act. Not only that, but Brannon is a classically trained vocalist, whose talent will blow you away! Scroll to the bottom for links to his latest album dedication to his beautiful wife, Live at the Ozarks and him singing with Dino!

Be sure to add Brannon Howse Live on FrankSpeech to your regular viewing!

Link to original showing of this episode on LindellTV: Resistance Chicks on The Delta Variant

This will also be premiering on Facebook tonight at 9:30 PM with a live chat. Click here.





Brannon Howse Live in Concert At Lake of the Ozarks, October 15, 2020

Brannon Howse Surprises His Wife Melissa On Their 30th Wedding Anniversary With a Tribute

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Steve Webster
Steve Webster
2 years ago

I finally got to see this show. You girls were AWESOME! You did a great job of really representing your show/channel/site/etc. by giving the audience a good taste of what you do and your personalities. Of course minus the Christian music and prayer but I think they are more likely to tune in for talk like this to be perfectly honest. I love your singing and Leah’s prayers are so great but it’s this red pill talk that really gets people fired up. As you say “people are hungry for the truth”.

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