Resistance Chicks & Candice Keller Join Dr. Alan Keyes on Let’s Talk America

Every time we are invited on to Dr. Alan Keyes’ program, Let’s Talk America, I enter into it with the awe that we get to speak with one of the greats of our time- a true statesman, with a heart of the founding fathers. Today dove into topics about our sovereignty as human beings, and our rights as citizens, not only of these United States, but of the kingdom of God! You don’t want to miss this power packed show!

Immediately following, Dr. Keyes gave us the opportunity to introduce former Ohio Rep. Candice Keller who is now running for Lt. Governor in the great state of Ohio. Candice is most notably recognized for seeing the heartbeat bill passed here in Ohio, but in the next coming weeks and months, the world is going to come to know her for the fire that she brings every time she speaks. Candice doesn’t pull any punches, she tells it like it is, calling out the illegality of abortion, lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates and so much more. She doesn’t come to this battle of the ages with man’s weapons- she comes with the armor of God and the truth of His word. And that is exactly what is going to win this fight against evil and tyranny- it is the ONLY thing that will win- and Candice Keller knows it. At the end of our time with Candice and Dr. Keyes, he said, “I can see now why you two are both so fired up about Candice!”- tune in and you will find out as well! You can follow Candice on her website

Below are BOTH hours of Let’s Talk America with Dr. Alan Keyes- Resistance Chicks join for the first hour and part of the second- be sure to watch both!

First Hour Brighteon

First Hour BitChute

First Hour Rumble

Second Hour with Candice Keller BitChute

Second Hour with Candice Keller Rumble

First Hour FrankSpeech

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