Project Veritas Coup Against James O’Keefe; Pentegon Shoots Down Object Over Alaska

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More turbulence in the Conservative news sphere. This time James O’Keefe is caught in his board’s crosshairs as he is put on paid leave following reports that he was a “tough boss.” O’Keefe is the founder and face of Project Veritas who recently came into a windfall of fundraising after it’s latest video exposing big pharma. What’s going in in the skies? Pentagon Press Secretary Air Force Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder gave few additional details in a briefing shortly after it was revealed the US military shot down an unidentified object flying over Alaska Thursday night. When questioned about the possibility of second Chinese balloon, Ryder said the US has yet to reach out to China over the latest object. The White House has also said that ownership has not been established. Meanwhile, odd green lasers over Hawaii are being blamed on…you guessed it- China. Sarah Huckabee Sanders gave an impassioned and well timed response to Joe Biden’s angry and lie prone state of the union address. Biden made big promises while his wife Jill gave a big kiss to Kamala’s husband at the speech. Meanwhile House memebers are making good on their promise to hold hearings. It remains to be seen what actionalble steps will come of the bombshell revelations but having Twitter executives on record colluding with the FBI to censor average Americans is probably a good thing. All of that much more ahead in this week’s Headline News!

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