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With global food prices rising, gasoline at record highs, and political upheaval seemingly all around us, why pack up your family and drive to the small hometown of Plymouth, MA? 

Because we need to Ignite the Light!

“As one small candle can light 1,000, so may the light kindled here shine unto many” -William Bradford 

Our country is in dire straits. Everyone agrees something must be done, but what?

What if the way out of the darkness is to go back to the beginning and see what made our country the “city shining on the hill,” to begin with? 

We invite you to join us on a weekend that will not only change your life and renew your faith in God’s Divine Plan but will spark a fresh movement of freedom and liberty across the globe using the very principles of morality, faith, and Divine inspiration the Pilgrim forefathers and the Revolutionary Founding Fathers used.

Dive into an immersive weekend unlike any you have ever experienced. 

Learn to how to apply the awe inspiring guiding principles that led a small band of Christians to leave everything they ever knew to embark on a journey that would change the world.

The Covenant: The Mayflower Compact

The Pilgrims drafted what would become a template for the first article of self-government in the new world. 

Learn how to apply the covenant to your own life and local government bodies.

Restoring the Ancient Paths: Jeremiah 6:16

Walk the hallowed ground the Pilgrim forefathers walked, as you take Leo and Nancy Martin’s inspiring walking tour of Plymouth. Visit the historic Plymouth Rock, Town Brook, William Bradford, Pilgrim Mother and Chief Massasoit monuments. Hear real life heroic and inspirational stories from passionate historians in period dress that will put you back in the 1600’s.

Step into a different century through the living history recreation of the Plymouth village and Plymouth Plantation with one of our guides and get on board the Mayflower II, a full to scale replica of the original Mayflower. (It’s smaller than you would think)

Take a sunset tour through the hallowed grounds of Burial Hill guided by historians who will bring to life the grave markers that tell a soul stirring story of courage and tremendous faith. 

Friendship with the Native Wampanoag 

How did those settlers survive and eventually begin to thrive? A miraculous friendship with the Native Wampanoag tribe. Learn how Samoset became a Christian and lived out his days with the Pilgrim band and about the longest lasting peace treaty between Native Americans and Europeans that lasted 50 years. 

Ignite the Light

Finally, the crown jewel of Plymouth. Step onto the hallowed ground that is the Forefathers Monument. Built to honor those men and women who dreamed of a land of freedom, this monument gives us the roadmap on how to get our country back on track.  

You were born for such a time as this.

This trip is designed to equip and send people out as this generation’s Pilgrims.

We will have speakers from all walks of life to teach about how to build communities and make changes in government like the Pilgrims and Founding Fathers


  • Homeschooling
  • Homesteading
  • How to start your own church that impacts your local community 
  • God’s hand in the American Revolution and Government 

All ages will learn, grow, and be inspired to take their candle lit in Plymouth and spark a fire! 

We Want to See in Plymouth! Check out our Earlybird and multi-ticket discount options too!
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