Patriot Gallery PG Blog “Go Vern Ment, All Governments Are Accountable to God”

All governments are accountable to God and must obey God. We the people use the Bible demand they obey the Ten Commandments, seriously!   Or we end up being arbitrary rulers.

Psalms 127:1 Unless the Lord Build a House the labor in vain who built it. 

Kellie and Eric of FreedomInformation shared a globalist article on the Rights of government according to those trying to control and force everyone on the planet to live under their unelected, self appointed Rulers of the World.

“When Government Nudging Is Ethical”

I wrote a blog using the search word Eric used and accidentally came a crossed this tyrannical Article:

go vern ment. The blog is titled exactly that so there is a definition of what a real government is under these search words.

Here I just give some experts from the blog.

A government employee must be a minister of God. Acting in God’s place on earth filled with God’s Holy Spirit, wisdom, knowledge. A Student of the Bible with great understanding of the Principles of Christianity. Great understanding and knowledge of God’s Good Will.  What is God’s Will? God is very good his will for men is his love for men. It is very very good. A Minister of God carries weight, power, authority to keep the PEACE.  Te reason purpose is so  all men love God, love their neighbors and obey God’s word. This leads to a peaceful mind, sound mind, wisdom that comes from God that is divine was, laws, miracles. Then a wonderful, blessed life full of love. With a marriage, land, enough to provide for each person and their family,  a lot of children and happiness. 

The 5 in the list saying people agree to is only because of public school brainwashing and indoctrination.  â€‹May I/you be a teacher, minister of God. 

Read this article to a group of people and then say sounds great! Doesn’t it? â€‹

I didn’t see mass murder on the list? Government nudges to maim, murder, masses in a world suicide, drinking poison?

Vaccines are poison able to kill people and cause great pain, torture and suffering. 

The Mind of Christ, One set of Non-arbitrary Laws. All laws come from God. The Law Giver
Jesus Christ the very Word of God is the same Yesterday, Today, and Forever. Ten Commandments
The Lord show me my grandfather’s  Father built his home with  his own two hands, 1890, then my Grandfather built his home  with his own two hands both were farmers, provided for themselves and families off the land that God had given them.   That is the original meaning of this scripture.  It is the meaning of the Declaration of Independence. The scripture finishes with so you will not be dependent on anyone else and have a good report from the people  around you. Independence.

Who decides the nudges? Who gave them the right into the minds, lives to change the feelings emotions,​ life, liberty, happiness of billions of people? 

No one! No one but God has the right to influence the world. Why? Because he/she/they are acting tyrannical. 

Governments  are accountable to God. Who gave them the right into the minds, lives to change the feelings emotions, life, liberty, happiness of billions of people? No one! No one but God has the right to influence the world. God told each person to use only 99% gold and silver coins and mind their own business. Why? Because he/she/they are acting tyrannical. They are accountable to God. These people are disobeying the very words of God. Enslaving men. 

Governments are formed by people to protect their freedoms, liberties, property.  

There is only one God. Jesus Christ.

 No one as the right to usurp the power and authority of God in another persons life. Mind, emotions, hearts, etc. Each person will be judged by God whether they obeyed him.

 Whether they Obeyed God’s Spirit, his word. 

Because men can not punish another human being, nor judge another person. Men can not send someone to heaven or hell. Only God can do that. 

The people draw their rights from God. which they draw from God’s spirit living within them.

 Without God there are no rights, no one has any power or authority. 

Busybodies, trespassers, have no Rights to be in others lives.

The people retain all political power and authority God has given them with the infilling of the Holy Spirit, the anointing that teaches them.

Men did not obey God and Mind their own business: Busybodies, predator’s, saw men as slaves, set out to use and abuse people. Nudging first started when evil men removed the knowledge of God’s good, perfect will from society. Evil started deceiving people tempting men to sin  using witchcraft, wizardry, black magic, public schools and evil inventions: railroads, airplanes, radios, telegram, Television, movies, etc. . 

Without all this social engineering, which is indoctrination, brainwashing, nudging using counterfeit money. In America with the knowledge of God: right and wrong. Americans believe all men must obey God, his word first.

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